Wood Window Installation in The Bay Area

 Do you live in the Bay Area and are in the market for beautiful wood windows, you are in the right place! All Star Windows & Doors is one of the largest wood window installers in the Bay Area.  Not only do we carry top-quality wood windows from a variety of leading manufacturers but our installation expertise and customer service is the best!

New construction and replacement windows are manufactured from various materials.  Wood windows offer a timeless beauty and feel unlike any other.  Wood windows offer exceptional thermal performance with a natural look and feel.  This is especially important for owners of historic homes in the Bay Area.  If you wander through any of the classic neighborhoods in the Bay Area you will see two things, gorgeous homes and luxurious wood windows!


Benefits of Wood Windows

In the last 50 years, much advancement has been established in window components.  Despite newer window materials, wood windows remain the most popular choices for replacement windows in the United States.  This should come as no surprise, as wood windows offer many benefits.

  • Energy efficient – wood is an insulating material and when combined with modern energy efficiency advances, wood windows can help keep your energy bill low.
  • Have a natural look and feel – wood windows offer incomparable natural beauty.
  • Painted or stained to achieve virtually any look – wood windows are available in a wide variety of wood grain styles, giving endless design options.
  • Historically accurate – wood windows can be designed to match the aesthetic of historic homes and are often required in historic designated areas.
  • Increase home value – wood windows are highly sought after for many homebuyers and generally will bring the value higher in price than homes without wood windows.

All Star Windows & Doors install premium wood windows from a number of the leading manufacturers in the country.  In fact, we are one of the larger window installers in the Bay Area!


Why Choose All Star Windows & Doors

What makes All Star Windows & Doors unique is our strategic installation process and we will install almost every brand of wood windows available.  Many window contractors in the Bay Area sell and install only their brand and employ high pressure sales tactics.  You’ll never get pursued or pressured with All Star Windows & Doors.  We provide quality customer service and expertise to all our customers!

Partner with us and we will get the results you are looking for!  Call our office today and schedule a consultation.   We will make sure you get the right product and install for your project, no matter which direction you decide.

All Star Windows & Doors provides high-quality wood windows and installation in the Bay Area!



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