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 AllStar Windows & Doors is a family owned and operated window and door installation company in Gilroy CA that only employ the most highly skilled and trained wood craftsmen for our installations. Our team is led by window and door expert Jason Patrick, who has over 12 years of experience with wood windows and door installation in Gilroy CA. Our AAMA certified, well trained, and highly experience team will provide only the best service in making sure you get top quality installation for your home.  With high expectations, our team will review all details of the process, including but not limited to; job site safety, protection of homeowner’s property, proper material selection, product care, cleaning methods, and quality control. 

The process is simple.

  1. An appointment is scheduled for a consultation.
  2. A certified Installation Master will meet you on the jobsite.
  3. Review of window selections will be confirmed and measurements will be taken and we will move to the next step.

Once the windows arrive, we will walk through the final process prior to the installation to ensure all questions are answered with complete satisfaction. Listed are a few of our window and door installation services we offer.


√  All Wood Windows                √  Bay and Bow Windows          √  Casement and Awning Windows               

√  All French Wood Doors        √  All Sliding Patio Doors          √  Sliding & Double Hung Windows                               


 Retrofit vs. New Construction Windows Installation

 Retrofit Window Installation in Gilroy CA

Why choose Allstar Windows for retrofit installation? We not only hire the best qualified installers but they have a proven track record of installing custom designed windows with years of expertise. Installing windows can be complex and complicated if not installed properly from the beginning. Many issues can occur instantly or years down the road. Our strategic team has the ability to eliminate these unexpected challenges with proper installation to ensure stability throughout the years.

 New Construction & Full Frame Window & Door Installation in Gilroy CA

Allstar Windows will completely remove the old trim, or the stucco chiseled back, we will remove your old window right down to the studs of your home. It is a little more expensive this way but it is the best way to install new windows. We strive for perfection in every detail of the process, resulting in a perfect fit on every window in every home.

 If your home is stucco, we’ll fold back the paper & wire and properly flash the windows leaving them water tight. We will then tape all your windows and cover with plastic for protection as we repair the stucco. We will then apply a base coat around the new windows. After the base coat is dried, texture and finish coats are expertly applied so when complete; it will match your existing stucco perfectly.

If your home is wood, we will replace the wood trim and do a final exterior caulk of your new windows. This will give a brand new look to the exterior. The inside is carefully caulked and sealed water tight as well.

Properly Trained and Certified Window & Door Installation in Gilroy CA

Before hiring a window installation company, check what type of training their technicians are required to do. Window replacement is not a simple job, and if the window is installed incorrectly then you may end up with serious water damage or drafty windows. In addition, look for highly regarded AAMA certification to ensure you hire a top-notch installer.

10 Year Window & Door Installation Guarantee in Gilroy CA

If you want to truly be comfortable and satisfied with your new wood window replacement, then choose a company that offers a guarantee on their installation work. It demonstrates they are confident in their work, and will also protect you against poor workmanship. Allstar Windows offers a 10 Year Installation Guarantee on all our installation work.

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Window Installation Services in Gilroy CA

Services provided in Gilroy California are the following: Gilroy replacement window installation, Gilroy window installation, Gilroy wood window installation, Gilroy patio door installation and Gilroy French wood door installation.

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